TOML is in Croatia, razoumjèche?

The TOML skate crew is on tour! After a quick stop in Milan and Podova (Italy), the crew invaded the streets of Zagreb, Croatia. To cut it short it went like this; camping like gypsies, eating exagerated amounts of pizza, savoured real coffee, driving for hours and hours, cutting through Slovenia as fast as we could ( it was our Mordor, we couldn’t be seen by Sauron at any cost). Meeting the most friendliest/honest/humble people in the whole world in Zagreb. We wouldn’t be able to thank them enough for their hospitality, a big hug from all the GCC crew to Marina, Anja, Ervin, warehouse skateshop to mention only them.
Enough talk check out the pics!

Hvala mnogo svima! Doci cemo opet!


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